Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm waking up this blog again. Took a year off ... well, there was a merger ... and I lost more hair .. and, well... it happens. Anyway, thought I'd start off with a review I posted today of Sloughing Off the Rot, by Lance Carbuncle.

Sloughing Off the Rot by Lance Carbuncle

This quick little read is like an LSD-laced Dr. Seuss-meets-Hunter S. Thompson tumble into a rabbit hole, where you roll out the side of the hill, trip and face-plant into something slimy and putrid.

I'd read previous books by Carbuncle, so I had some preconceptions of what to expect.

Forget that. My preconceptions totally let me down. This was a strange tale with weird creatures, strange settings, twisted sexual eroticism and words I thought Carbuncle made up (until I looked them up afterward). Though, to be fair, most of the words I didn't know were exotic musical instruments, so being admittedly musically inept I didn't feel so bad about not knowing them.

It all kicks off when John the Revelator wakes from a coma (well, not exactly, but bear with me) to find himself in a cave where he proceeds to create ten thousand creatures by ... well, having sex with himself. Similar stuff happens after this, but you realize right from the start what you're getting into.

If can you read the first chapter without putting it down in revulsion, you'll be rewarded because Carbuncle doesn't pretend to write happy, joyful bubbly stuff.

Sloughing Off the Rot isn't for everybody, but I enjoyed it. Yet, strangely, I felt I had to take a shower afterwards.

You can get it here

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